I’ve noticed that there are a lot of life coaches and health coaches these days. How is this different?

This is consciousness-based coaching based on ancient knowledge. Most coaching solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, but there is a depth and cohesion of perspective in Vedic counseling that is typically missing in a more Westernized approach to coaching. Additionally, at age 72 I bring a long adult lifetime of knowledge and experience to the table. There is more in My Story.  If you want to know more about my professional biography, see my resume pdf (sometimes a download, sometimes just comes up).

Is Vedic counseling a discipline in the United States? What is Vedic counseling?

It is both a very old discipline and yet a very new label in the United States. The Vedic sciences cover knowledge of Self and the cosmos. If you want to know more about the history, meaning, interventions, and specialties of the discipline, download the ebook or see:  Vedic Counseling.

Who would benefit from your services?

Anyone is likely to benefit – mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Those who benefit most may be seekers – those who want to make positive changes toward living in harmony with their own true natures and the world at large. One quality of character of a seeker includes tolerating imperfection – within you and me both. We are both on a journey. Ultimately, we will both take responsibility for our decisions, behavior, and situations. We both have a level of accountability.

Is this a religion? Does it conflict with Christianity?

No and no! The Vedic knowledge is a philosophy, a perspective that is thousands of years old from area that is now called India. The Vedas are a way of describing the cosmos, its creation at every moment, how it is sustained, and how it is transformed. The knowledge of the Vedas is finding support in modern quantum physics. And the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Judaic traditions have much to say about the importance of keeping the mind and body (the temple of the soul) healthy. The Vedic sciences have the same goal: harmonizing, peaceful, practical life solutions to further our spiritual journey.

What do my clients want?

Most of all most people want to reduce the discomfort or confusion they are having in their lives. They may be struggling with emotional or physical health issues, spiritual development, life decisions, life changes, career or relationships issues, or just want more out of life. They want the insight, tools, and support to advance. Toward that end, clients receive a deeper understanding of who they really are and also individualized, clear, and practical solutions to progress toward realization of their full potential.

What if I can’t keep up? What responsibilities do I have? I’m very busy. I am worried it will take too much time.

Vedic counseling results unfold over time. You will need to share your experience and relevant information accurately; be courageous in facing challenges; be willing to learn, do homework, and follow up. The path is a journey, not an event. I hope to provide inspiration, hope, and support; but you need to provide some drive, motivation, and time. Create a little space in your life to go through a change process and then sign up. However, worry and busy-ness are two common symptoms that many have! I can work with you on that, too.

Do I have to take your advice?

No. First my goal is to find what you DO want to do.The process is a negotiation between the most effective advice I can give and what is possible in your life. But I also want you to stretch – to make the time, to give up old “programs,” to face the fears.You need only say, ”I don’t want to go there,” or “I’m not ready for that.”Ultimately these choices are yours to make. I will honor your needs.

Can I combine this process with my ongoing western medicine or psychotherapy treatment?

 Yes!  The recommendations are not going to interfere with that treatment – or if you think it might, I would encourage you to discuss it with your provider.   I am willing to answer any of their questions, as well.  In fact, I would encourage you to continue with your current practitioner(s).   Vedic counseling by itself is typically not for extreme cases that may require stabilization or treatment with Western interventions.

Where do we meet?

Currently, I am meeting via Zoom. In 2020 I gave up my physical office due to the pandemic. After the pandemic has subsided, I may find a space to meet in person with local people.

Do you take insurance?

No. Even though I am a fully licensed clinical psychologist, I am not operating under that credential. This is not psychotherapy. Even though there is some overlap in the tools and interventions, Vedic counseling is not reimbursed by insurance in the state of Tennessee.

The Know Thyself Foundation Consult is a big investment. Do you have payment plans?

Yes, it is a big investment. I hope you know that you deserve to invest in yourself, to make yourself the priority. I cannot predict what this process might mean for you: improving your performance in your life roles, developing new interests that go somewhere new and exciting, improving your relationships, achieving better vitality and energy, feeling more spiritually connected, and so on. I’ll borrow Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s metaphor, “Water the root; enjoy the fruit.” Remember, there is a free Quick Start Consult. This may help you decide whether you want to invest – both the money and the time! There can be a payment plan. Typically, the total cost will be more and the payment timing will be ahead of the services rendered. There is more in the Services Page.