As you may have read by now, the main goal of my offerings is to provide service, education, and interventions to those who want to maximize full their potential. In Vedic theory everything in the world of time and space arises from and returns to the field of Pure Consciousness or Pure Awareness. The soul is sometimes referenced as the higher Self – one’s cosmic identity. In the case of humans, the soul emerges from Pure Consciousness and then takes form in the world of the senses in a human body. As it does, one develops particular habits, mental and emotional issues, relationship patterns, physical conditions. These give rise to behavior that, in turn, can create karmic issues. With greater awareness of Self, the patterns can be elevated, eventually cease, or just be something that no longer throws us for a loop, as my mom used to say. Here are the Services I offer: The Quick Start, Know Thy Self Foundations Consult, and Follow Up Options.

The first step in the process is to have a free 20-minute Quick Start conversation to help me understand your concerns, goals, and situation. You will receive some brief initial feedback and recommendations from the standpoint of the Vedic Sciences: Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and Yoga Vedanta.

Before we meet, please read more about these topics and Vedic counseling by downloading a free the free ebook.  This will facilitate your understanding so that we can get more out of our 20 minutes together. Complete the three questionnaires at the end that allow you to personalize the information and learn more about your unique self. The answers will give me enough information to have our Quick Start Consult.  When you book the Consult, the form will ask for the brief results, so keep them handy so that you can enter them.

Quick Start Consult

Schedule a complementary 20-minute Quick Start conversation about your situation and needs.

Know Thy Self Foundations Consult

Of course Socrates said, “Know thyself.” He, too, believed we have a soul and that we should strive to know it. My revision is, Know Thy Self as a name for a service that includes four individual 45-minute sessions plus emails for questions and support in between sessions. During each session we will review your progress, answer questions about previous sessions, problem solve any difficulties implementing recommendations into your life, set reasonable goals, and more. It is recommended that these meetings be completed over four to six weeks. The sessions will cover the following areas.

Introduction: Develop a comprehensive understanding of your goals and current state of health from a Vedic perspective. You will receive feedback and initial recommendations to start you on your journey.

Vedic Astrology: Brief overview of important aspects of your Vedic astrological chart: The ascendant, its ruler, sign, the houses your ruling planet governs, and where that planet is located. This gives an overall sense of the identity in this lifetime and the important domains of influence in one’s life, both over time and at this time.

Ayurveda: Discussion of Ayurvedic constitutional and imbalance factors, elimination of toxins, dietary recommendations, or other lifestyle factors that need to be addressed. You will receive handouts, instructions, and support.

Yoga Vedanta: Teachings and practices that would likely make a difference, given your goals and situation. This might include, for example, changing your understanding of who you are, what you are here for, breaking free of limiting beliefs and programming. A practice that is good to start with to quiet the mind is adopting a breathing practice to elevate your energy level.

Integration and Follow Up: Review the progress, integrate the changes, answer remaining questions. Discuss how to sustain and continue the transformation process. Present the follow up choices which include (1) individual sessions tailored to your specific needs; (2) ongoing support in the form of small online groups (with teaching, support, and a sense of community), and/or (3) recommended resources to pursue on your own.

The cost of the Know Thy Self Foundations service is $459. If you need to split this into two payments, you can pay a deposit of $250 prior to the initial session and $250 prior to the second session.

Follow Up! More Knowing Thy Self

You aren’t done yet! In fact, we are never done – there are always ways to expand our knowledge and experience for the seeker. When you are ready, take the next steps in your lifelong journey back to Self. Below are some choices you will have to keep up your forward momentum. You can take advantage of different options according to your needs and resources. We can discuss your preferences in the last Know Thy Self Foundations session

Targeting Your Needs with Individual Sessions

If you wish to continue sessions with me, you can purchase them one at a time, or in bundles of 3, 6 or 12. These also include email support. These packages should be used in a timely way so that momentum is not lost.  This is a good option if you are feeling more private or needing more focused attention to move through your current situation.

Building Community with Online Group Support

My vision is to have twice monthly 90-minute sessions with some teaching, sharing of members’ progress (accountability!), sharing the new experiences and goals, and problem solving obstacles. Sometimes we learn so much more when we are interacting with a diversity of people. In addition, there is usually someone who can validate or empathize with you which results in the knowledge being very lively. You may even make some very good, like-minded friends! Since this business is being birthed in 2021, it may take a little while to build a critical mass of just the right people who go together for these small groups. The first members of the first group(s) will receive a special discount as charter members of the community.

Exploring Resources on Your Own

I can also give you suggested books, readings, or websites; names of other good teachers; or referrals to experts in other Vedic Sciences. With these resources, you can follow your own path.