Veda is a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge. The Vedas and other subsequent texts comprise the 5000 year old science of yoga Vedanta from India. Yoga in Sanskrit means “union.” This can be the union of your individual self with the higher aspect of Self – the soul. Or it can be union of the Self with the Divine, the infinite, God. That connection is actually always there; we just get caught up in the concerns of our egos, the senses, the dramas of our lives fueled by our karmas. We forget who we really are. Accordingly, the primary goal of Vedic counseling is to help the seeker grow in Awareness of these connections.

Vedic counseling is new “profession” in the United States based on the ancient Vedic sciences. The goal of counseling is to helps you, as an individual microcosm of the universe, negotiate the outer world of the senses to have healthy relationships, health and wellbeing, fulfilling pursuit of your calling, all while staying on a path of spiritual evolution. This is a huge integrative task with so many choices. A Vedic counselor will help you discern the best first steps, teach you the most important principles that might apply at the time, challenge the limitations of your thinking, and support you through the process of making the changes. There are numerous disciplines within the Vedic sciences. The services offered focus on three: Jyotisha or Vedic astrology, Ayurveda (the first system of natural medicine), and Yoga Vedanta (the philosophy of yoga and implementation of its principles). Read more about Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, and Yoga Vedanta. Or you can download the free EBook on the Vedic Sciences.